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Uncollected Works

Thank you to those of you who came out to see my solo, Uncollected Works. Houses were full to the brim, audiences were warm and responses were overwhelmingly positive:

I was deeply moved.”

An artistic accomplishment.”

 “Beautiful vulnerability and transparency of expression.”

Uncollected Works traverses the territory between movement as expression of experience and dance as a form of communication. What is possible to communicate through movement? What do we understand about one another? How can we go forward together in these precarious times?

I am so grateful to have had the guidance of award-winning artists Fides Krucker and Holly F Small in the studio. They have joined me as my fearless director/vocal co-devisor and sagacious movement dramaturge respectively. Costume design by Jennifer Dallas, lighting design by Logan Raju Cracknell.

I am also grateful for the support of this work by the Toronto Arts Council, the National Ballet of Canada through their studio residency program, Artscape Youngplace, and the Intergalactic Arts Collective.

I hope to share it again someday!