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Ömer K. Yükseker

Here we are: winter again. The snow today is fresh and glistening in the sun, and the day feels hopeful.

After a rich fall period of work on my new solo, Becoming, I am preparing to move deeper into the work. I’m excited for this next leg of the creative journey. Discovering what this work is becoming (ugh! no pun intended) is an intense, unpredictable, and compelling puzzle for me and my collaborators: Holly Small, Fides Krucker, Tom Kuo & Logan Raju-Cracknell. I hope you will be able to join me for the eventual presentation. Stay tuned for a showing date once I raise production funds.

I am also thrilled to be able to offer in-person classes for children again in the beautiful studio I share at Artscape Youngplace in Toronto. Please visit my Teaching page for more information about what’s on deck and how to register.

Thanks for visiting, come back soon.