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Ömer K. Yükseker

Here we are in May 2021, already! We are surrounded by flowers blooming and birds. The light is coming in brightly through the newly-leafed trees. I realize haven’t tended my website for over a year. What has transpired? We have been at home, so much, and I have loved watching my children grow. It has been a gift to have this time with them. I am grateful also to have been able to continue to work in the studio on my own new work, Title Forthcoming, and to have been working remotely with long-time collaborators Holly Small, Maxine Heppner, and Michelle Silagy. I continue to work slowly on my archives, which will one-day appear here on this site. I invite you to have a look around this site, and to join my email list if you want to keep up with the work I am a part of. Come back soon. When there is more news, it will be posted here.