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Photo: Jeremy Mimnagh

New duet to go to Guelph Dance festival

Choreographed by Heidi Strauss, at once (im)possible is a duet work for Jessica Runge and Brendan Wyatt.

at once (im)possible is part of a collection of works commissioned by Jessica Runge.

These commissions are each a different re-mix of a solo work created by Runge in 2010, called the Possibility Dance. In at once (im)possible, the original solo is transformed into a duet. The other comissioned choreographers creating dances for the Possibilities collection are Susie Burpee (Toronto), Deborah Dunn (Montreal), and Susanna Hood (Montreal).

at once (im)possible will be performed at the Guelph Dance Festival, May 31st and June 2nd. Visit guelphdance.ca and look for the In the Studio series.

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Possibilities: Jessica Runge continues work on her Possibilities project, working with guest collaborators Susie Burpee, Deborah Dunn, Susanna Hood, and Heidi Strauss.

For Kids! Runge's after-school dance classes for children continue at Artscape Youngplace in the Trinity-Bellwoods Area. Contact classes@jessicarunge.com for details.

In the Schools: Runge will facilitate two exciting outdoor dance projects created by children at local schools. At Givins-Shaw, Runge will be working with the kindergartens to create a number of outdoor dance performances that animate the green and playful areas around the school-yard. At Lord Lansdowne, she will work with the grade 2s and 3s to help them make dances in and around the themes expressed by their new student-painted 125th anniversary mural. These and other guest-artist projects are made possible with funding through the Ontario Arts Council's Artists in Education program.


Runge is fresh from a fantastic run of performances at the Art Gallery of Ontario with Peggy Baker Dance Projects. land | body | breath captivated audiences of all ages in the Thompson galleries this May.

On October 5th, 2013, Jessica Runge shared her new solo, Ruff Room, with attentive audiences in FLY BY NIGHT, the Gladstone's all-night Nuit Blanche art festival. Ruff Room is a solo created with Susanna Hood for Runge as part of the Possibilities project, investigating context and content and their role in creating meaning in dance. Images here.

Runge performed in NXNE Interactive festival in June 2013, staging a looping version of her Possibility Dance in the Ryerson Quad. Nick-named NESW for NXNE, this staging of the dance faced the four directions, each time with different music and costume. View an excerpt of North, with music by Oliver Schroer. Video by John Lauener.